Anthony Greenwood

Feb 10, 2000 – July 28, 2022

This Service was LIVE at 2PM (MST) on August 8th, 2022

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Breadbear wrote on August 9, 2022
Tristan, you were a very good friend and the best voice actor I could ever meet, we maybe had our issues and drama problems before but I still consider you my best friend, you will be missed and your characters will be always remembered in my series...
We all love you as our best friend.
-Breadbear (Your Best Friend)
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Scarlet wrote on August 8, 2022
Dear tristan you were a good friend I wished there was more we could have done together you were a good friend I hope you're in a good place thanks for all the good times we had I'm sorry it had to end that way just know we all love you and you ment a lot to us I hope you're in a better place now I love you as a friend. ^^
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Melrik/Chris_Afton FNAF RP AND BEST FRIEND wrote on August 8, 2022
Tristan/Anthony you were a good friend and im sorry that u had gone but at least u dont have to go through the pain anymore this is my first time watching a video like this but on July 24th i haven't heard from u in 6 days and u asked to play VRCHAT but i couldn't and i'm regretting it now the others miss u.. You were a good friend even though there were hard times u were always full and i hope you have a good afterlife i guess if others believe in ghosts try and seeing if u can hear him with a spirit box cause if someone dies somewhere they were attached to that part of the soul and HOLY SPIRIT he will be there I believe if he was attached to something that would be his Friends & Family i really want to turn back time and help find a way to help u so much im crying but im trying to hold it in but im letting it out cause im watching this and if someone does read this and the Family of Tristan/Anthony reads this try getting a medium to see if his spirit his at home with u cause GHOST'S can be heard as a echo and if anyone thinks that GHOST'S can possess something/someone. Then believe in SCOTT CAWTHON'S FNAF Franchise and the one family that live's enternally WE ARE THE AFTON FAMILY Tristan/Anthony you ARE an AFTON TO US STILL i know this is big but WE LIVE ETERNALLY ALL IS WELL IN THE AFTON FAMILY ALL STAY STRONG WE LIVE ETERNALLY i will see u in the near future MY BEST FRIEND.. I know that i wrote a long thing but i said what was on my mind and heart and i hope he rests peacefully and Tristan/Anthony i will "PUT YOU BACK TOGETHER" in my own way not like FNAF but within something that i will make in a RP and I WILL HAVE IT AS OUR TRIBUTE TO YOU AND YOU WILL ALWAYS BE REMEMBERED in our hearts see you soon my friend and "family" in RP you always wanted to have fun even though we didn't know about your issue until the very end but IN THE NAME OF GOD PLEASE PROTECT HIM AND GUIDE HIM BACK TO A NEW LIFE again see you soon.. Sincerely Melrik/Chris_Afton.
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Highlighter wrote on August 8, 2022
Dear Tristan/Anthony, I hope you have an amazing time in heaven. We will all miss you. You were an awesome friend to everyone. Rest in Peace
Your Friend, Highlighter
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Luminous wrote on August 8, 2022
Dear Tristan/Anthony I hope you are doing well up there. I hope to one day see you again in the future. Heaven has an amazing angel. A kind caring loveable angel who always cared about others dearly. I will miss you with all my heart. May you rest in peace my dear friend🙏
your bestie Luminous
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Mandy greenwood wrote on August 8, 2022
My sweet Anthony words can not explain just how much my heart aches I love you so much and life will never be the same not being able to hug you and hear you tell me I love you grandma you’re the best I love you so much rest easy my boy
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Roseforlie wrote on August 8, 2022
I’m one of his online friends I’m so sorry for your loss I knew him as Tristan it was a honor to be his friend and may he forever lay in peace
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April wrote on August 8, 2022
My sweet boy I love you so much. I miss you like crazy. Watch over us my angel boy. I'll talk to you like I do your grandpa Draper through the stars. You were the first in my heart and you will forever be there. Watch over us my angel.
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Ellie wrote on August 7, 2022
Much love to all. Anthony was the most loveable guy. I will miss him and his goofy sayings. I am a text, message or call away.
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Amanda wrote on August 6, 2022
I am praying for all of the family, I love you Michael if you need anything reach out to me anytime.
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