Bonnie Roberta Paridaen Memorial Service

Robertson-Wesley United church

This Service was LIVE on November 3rd, 2020

Memorial Slide Show

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Michael Coo wrote on December 7, 2020
Hi Paul,

I was so, so sorry to hear this. My wife, Monika, who never actually met Bonnie but who had a great online friendship with her is heartbroken.

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Reymund Palpal-latoc wrote on December 7, 2020
Hi Paul,

Our deepest condolences. Our prayers are with you and your family. May you find strength and peace in dealing with Bonnie's passing.
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Scott Rollans wrote on December 7, 2020
My heart aches at this news, Paul. What a long and difficult journey for you both. I think of Bonnie and you every time I see the lights at the very top of your tree, where they can be seen from the Royal Alex.

Scott Rollans
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Pieter Koopman wrote on December 7, 2020

I'm very shocked by reading the sad news of the passing of your wife. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers. You probably have lots of friends and family around you but I just want to let you know that if you need a listening ear, some distraction and/or some Dutch to listen to, I will be here for you.

Wishing you all the best in this difficult time,

Pieter Koopman
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Warren Champion wrote on December 7, 2020
Paul, Matthew, and the Paridaen family have our most sincere condolences. It seems to remind Darlene and I of the frailty of life. We both know that the Paridaen family have been the very best of neighbours, community supporters, and very good friends to us. While this may have been expected, it is a very lousy development. I want the Paridaen family to know that we reluctantly embrace the fact that one of the really good people has left the community and will be sorely missed.

So very sorry,

Warren and Darlene
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Michael Brown wrote on December 7, 2020

What a huge loss! Lily, Aidan, and I want to say how much your family has meant to us these past years. We are thinking very fondly of Bonnie and you and your children at this time. All I can say is I thank God for Bonnie's life and the goodness your family has given to the world, in Central McDougall and afar.

A big hug from,
Michael and the whole family
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Ashley Diduck wrote on December 7, 2020

I wanted to reach out and let you know my prayers and thoughts are with you and your family. The service was beautiful, thank you for allowing me to be a part of it.
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Josy Wicentowich wrote on December 7, 2020
Bonnie's Celebration of Life was heartfelt, inspirational, and beautiful.

Paul, your eulogy was well written and your love for your wife was evident. In reflection, I truly believe that you and your entire family share many of the beautiful qualities that I loved about Bonnie- authentic, intelligent, honest, and fun-loving!

Celina, joining you and your mom as part of the "Thanks for the Mammories" team was fun, an honour, and will always be a fun memory for me.

Matthew, our family will never forget when you visited Ron in the hospital and brought him a huge Spongebob, paid for meals, and offered my son a job! As always, so kind and thoughtful!

Katherine, your determination and fun-loving spirit reminds me of your mom. You have a wonderful sense of humour and strong determination to complete goals.

Bonnie spoke with love and pride about Dale, Ainsley, and her grandchildren. She had every reason to feel proud and truly appreciated your many acts of kindness towards her.

Sending big hugs and lots of love!

Yosy and Dwayne
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Kate Werkman wrote on November 24, 2020
My condolences to all of you for your loss of Bonnie. She was and still is the epitome of her name - Bonnie! Her memory will go on and on and on. A beautiful artist, Bonnie touched the earth landing all too briefly with steadfast feet taking flight again. And what a beautiful slide show and compilation of Bonnie's life along with the written.
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Jean McLeod wrote on November 22, 2020
Bonnie’s strong, adventurous and courageous character always impressed me. Nothing was ever too scary for her. I marvelled at her ability to bounce back from challenges and not take herself too seriously.
Through the busiest years of our lives Bonnie always kept in touch and we honestly shared our blessings and tough times, Bonnie finding the humorous side of every situation. Even though we have not connected much as families over many years now, I hope that all of you know that we all cherish our memories of time with the Paridaens and will always care deeply for you
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Jamie Geddes wrote on November 22, 2020
My best memory of Bonnie or rather Mrs.P is playing in the back yard with her daughter Katherine climbing the tree and enjoy ourselves as kids no matter what we were up to she always seemed to have the best lemonade prepared. Always happy smile when answering the door to see if her kids wanted to come play.
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Dirk and Agnes wrote on November 22, 2020
Paul and Family Paridaen

Our Condoleances .
We now it is a very hard Time for all off you.

With deepest sympathy
Dirk and Agnes
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Walter en Anneke wrote on November 22, 2020
Condoles with Bonnie. So said news.
Whe had lots of good memories on here. The time whe spend together in Canada en St. kruis.
Two years ago, by you Celina in youre house.
The special gift I get from Bonnie, the little elephant, will always remember me on Bonnie.

Lots of love. Walter en Anneke
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Chris Wille wrote on November 22, 2020
Linda and I will always remember her ready smile, and her ability to life life one the moment, one day at a time, never getting too far ahead, never dwelling on the past.
We are most grateful for tour visits here.

May Bonnie rest in peace. Finally the pain and suffering is gone.

We shall always remember her indominitable spirit

Congrats on your ongoing B4H efforts.
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Marvin and Jennie wrote on November 22, 2020
Our hearts are saddened for you in the loss of your precious Bonnie.
She was such a unique individual and we loved our friendship with her and with you Paul Over the years.
We were glad to see you two a few times in the past few months even if it was at the Cross.
She was a fighter and we admired her for that.She was never afraid to challenge anyone about any issue.
May the Lord comfort your hearts and embrace you with His love.
Holding you close in thought and prayer.
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An Paridaen wrote on November 22, 2020
What a sad news reached us today via Facebook. Our sincere condolences for the passing of Bonnie.

It was thanks to Bonnie that Gerard and I visited Canada in 2018. I got into contact with her via Facebook years ago and we found out we were family. She encouraged me to come to Canada. So we did in 2018 and it was a great adventure! We also met Matthew, Ainsley and Katherine. And more members of the family in Alberta and British Columbia.

It is great to have known her. I got her stand for the world and the people around her and I admired her determination to enjoy life in spite of her illness. She was dedicated to her ‘projects and I hope she enjoyed them until the last phase of her life.
What I also liked were her stories about Bertrand and Celina. Gerard and I met Bertrand and Celina long time ago in the Netherlands. Together with my parents Jules and Renee they visited us in Apeldoorn. Bertrand and Celina and uncle Prudent have meant a lot to both my parents.

I wish you strength in these days. We think of you!

An Paridaen and Gerard Beltman
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Sam Palmer wrote on November 19, 2020
My deepest and most sincere condolences to the Paridaen family. Bonnie was one of a kind. She always had the ability to make me smile and laugh until it hurt. Feisty? She might have been short in physical stature but that girl roared like a lion. I and so many others were so very lucky to have known her. Bonnie went on to do so many of the things that we talked and dreamed of when we were young. She was an amazing person and a shining light in a world that at times can seem dim and dreary. I am happy that she took the time out of her busy life to reconnect after so many years. It is impossible for me to think of Bonnie and not sport a grin or laugh out loud. We can be sure that wherever she is now, there are grins, smiles, and laughter aplenty. Gone, but never to be forgotten.
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Fred Knupp wrote on November 11, 2020
A really nice slide show and a very heartfelt tribute by your husband. I was never able to meet you in person but the members of your family that I've been in contact with have been amazing and I'm certain you had a strong influence on them. My deepest condolences to your family and may your memory have an everlasting impact on all those that knew you =)
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Jackie Rusich wrote on November 5, 2020
What a wonderful slideshow! I never knew she was such a gifted Artist. Comedian YES! You are my sunshine Bonnie 🎶 and the Native Music with the drawing of Old Man Mountain; just beautiful Bonnie💗 It was wonderful to be able to see you all thru livestream and as Bonnie quotes “ We are all just walking each other home.” Sending love to all on the Journey 🌈🙋‍♀️
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Lisa Brown wrote on November 4, 2020
My thoughts are with all that new Bonnie, especially her family. Paul, Celina, Matthew & Katherine. She was such a loving and beautiful woman who will be dearly missed. I was honoured to know her and will miss her. I received her card yesterday and have framed it to keep her in my mind. May she live on through all of the good memories and that you find peace. Lots of love!
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Louise Newman wrote on November 4, 2020
I met thi amazing lady in Parksville. She blessed me witb patient and love and support. She adopted my beloved dog, her new love Kingston. Bonnie has always been the best part of humanity to me. One in a million. Shine on my bright light, I honor you. Will miss you but im coming for another hug when I can!!!
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Sandra Courtoreille, Nadeau wrote on November 3, 2020
Paul & Family
My deepest condolences
I was blessed to have met Bonnie in our journey on earth. The times we chatted of memories of living in Fort Chip ❤️ She will be missed by many. Till we meet again on the other side Bonnie R I P 🙏

Sandra & Family❤️
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Anneta Alexandrovich & Family wrote on November 3, 2020
Dear Bonnie,

Thank you for sharing moments of your life with me. I am so grateful for knowing you, your infectious laughter, honesty, and zest for knowledge. Thank you for sharing your profound thesis, your art, and the knitted "Bessorabian" blanket for our son.

I love you and miss you so much. Enjoy your new way of being and i hope to meet again when time comes.

Paul & Family,
may your fondest memories comfort you in this time of loss. What a meaningful and beautiful virtual ceremony today! It was so wonderful to hear Bonnie's whole story and watch the presentation with her pictures.

With love, compassion, and respect ❤.
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Dan Lim wrote on November 3, 2020
Dear Bonnie, I'm fortunate that our paths crossed in standup class. Your free spirit, energy for life, and genuine and caring interest in people is a beacon of light that brought so much joy to those around you. I am more glad that we showed up in each other's lives than my words can express. Thank you for your sincere friendship and for touching my life. If there is 'the other side' I hope that we meet there, friend. Take care.
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Cody & Alicia Woolf wrote on November 3, 2020
Our deepest condolences to all Paridaen family. Bonnie was a wonderful person who the world will miss deeply. Our hearts and prayers go out to all of you.
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Paul and Nernie Sveen wrote on November 3, 2020
I was blessed to be Bonnie’s Stand Up Comedy Coach, but all along, it was Bonnie teaching me. When she walked into a class, or Comedy Club, a tsunami of grace and calm washed in front of her. We were friends the moment we met, both sharing the notion that humour is the best of who we are. We laughed and talked many times over the years and always from the heart, always from authenticity, always from peace. Nernie and I thank our lucky stars to be fortunate enough to be her friends and to witness her incredible ability to make all around her, shine.
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Nora Muttart wrote on November 3, 2020
I have a short poem , I wrote to say goodbye to Bonnie. Winter came in , on a icy wind. like the touch of your passing, On my heart. This is the time we have to part. I'll always hear your laughter, In my inner ear. You brave and audacious soul. I am so sorry you have to go. I'll miss you so.
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Nora Muttart wrote on November 3, 2020
I have a short poem , I wrote to say goodbye to Bonnie. Winter came in , on a icy wind. like the touch of your passing, On my heart. This is the time we have to part. I'll always hear your laughter, In my inner ear. You brave and audacious soul. I am so sorry you have to go. I'll miss you so.
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Kelly Thomas wrote on November 3, 2020
So long Bonnie, you were a true joy in this world, a lover and a fighter, if I am lucky we will meet again some day, thankyou for your friendship and your generosity, you were one of a kind. Know that you've left behind fond memories and a family to carry on your empathetic nature. RIP my little friend.
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Jason and Janet wrote on November 3, 2020
When Jason and I bought our house about 6 years ago, we were visited by Paul and Bonnie. And in hand brought this “Pinky Winky” little shrub. It was beautiful and looked like a Lilac . Now, this little shrub was supposed to grow to be about six feet tall and wide so we found a perfect place in our front yard. We wanted to share the beauty of our little shrub to all that pasted by. Well it turned out that our little shrub stayed little. It is only a foot or so high but it is still beautiful. Every summer we get a couple little blooms and fragrance from our shrub and we encourage it every year to be strong Pinky Winky.. this is Bonnie. She was a beautiful little shrub that brought joy and encouragement to so many.. we will miss her dearly and will be remembered always in our little Pinky Winky ❤️
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Bianca paridaen wrote on November 3, 2020
😘... lots of memories... a big hug for all of you... from the paridaen family in St.Kruis..😘
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Ev Warren wrote on November 3, 2020
I will forever regret that I missed so many chances to reconnect with you when I had the chance. I also will be forever grateful that you remembered me and took the effort to find me. You were obviously an amazing and thoughtful soul who touched many lives. See you on the other side.
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Cindy Barwin wrote on November 3, 2020
Rest In Peace dear Bonnie. I received your beautiful card yesterday, which I shall always treasure. My deepest condolences to your family.
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Michella Dahlgren wrote on November 3, 2020
Heaven has another angel, Rest easy Bonnie. The world was a better place because you were in it.
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Michelle Blackmore wrote on November 3, 2020
My dear Bonnie, I am so thankful and blessed that you were my friend. You made this world a better place. When I received my beautiful card of your artwork I was humbled by your thoughtfulness, I will display it proudly and when I need strength I will look at it through your heart and remind myself to be a warrior. Will love you always xoxo
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Cheri and Rolf wrote on November 3, 2020
Paul and family. Our deepest condolences and warm hugs to you. Bonnie lived her life and packed more into it than many of us will be able to in this life. She will continue to an inspiration for us all We can only be better and try and live life with humour , grace,strength and love the way she did. Bonnie had a sense of humour that I got. Jousting back n forth from one liners to another. The world is a better place having her in it her light and sparkle will be missed Rest easy now. ♥️
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Jewel Dahlgren wrote on November 3, 2020
My condolences to the paridaen family, Bonnie was my sisters best friends mom and I remember her being a kind soul, although i remember only meeting her once as a kid. Rest In Peace Bonnie.
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Jaime Clements wrote on November 3, 2020
A spirit you were blessed if you got to meet her! As a young girl Bonnie left her mark on me. I feel very honoured to have known her. Her laughter and game on life were something i aspire to live like. Hugs to Paul, Celina, Matthew, Katherine and families
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Damon Durant wrote on November 3, 2020
Thank you Bonnie, for sharing your unique outlook on life with us through your honesty, wisdom and sense of humour. I cherish our conversations and messages and the time we spent together.
Sending my love to the rest of the family. You are an outstanding bunch, and I'm glad our paths crossed so many years ago.
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Cheyenne McCoshen wrote on November 3, 2020
My deep condolences to the Paridaen family for their loss, the world is a sadder place without Bonnie. I will miss my friend
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Brigitte Parker wrote on November 3, 2020
Bonnie, our meeting was brief but the connection I felt to you as a kindred spirit was strong and that bond is forever. I often thought that weekend that you were the big sister I never had. In love and light, Brigitte xo
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Dawn Bencze wrote on November 3, 2020
I am so very grateful and humbled for having known Bonnie - she will always be near and dear to my heart. She had a vivacious spirit and zest for life - a huge and loving heart - her sense of humor and unconditional love will stay with me forever
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Coreen Hack wrote on November 3, 2020
Dear Bonnie, While we didn't get to visit often, you have been a true friend. I have always valued your honesty, vitality, and caring nature. My sincere condolences and hugs go to Paul and your family. I will miss you, my friend.
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Naomi B Katz wrote on November 3, 2020
Dear, sweet, funny, smart Bonnie. I am so very sorry you are not here with us. I'll miss our "chats" and your inimitable scrabble prowess. You always will be the winner at our new games in your new home in the heavens. I am honored to be here today, with you and your loving family. Happy trails, dear friend. Happy trails.
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Christina Paradun from Edmonton wrote on November 3, 2020
My deepest condolences to the Paridaen family, may Bonnie always be that warmth in your hearts. Much love from my family to yours.
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Pawel and Ewa from Nordegg wrote on November 3, 2020
Our life trajectories intersected and we are grateful for those instances. You visited us at our cabin a few times and we had wonderful conversations that will always remain in our memories. It is sad that we won't be able to meet and talk again, but your personality, your presence, and your ideas will stay with us as long as we are here.
Thank You for having been with us, and in some way becoming part of our lives.
Pawel and Ewa
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Wendy Duckett wrote on November 3, 2020
My condolences to Paul and the family..I am so sorry for your loss. Dear Bonnie, I admire your character and courage. I will miss your sharp wit, quirky sense of humor, also your ability to see the truth and cut through the bullshit, give advice (when asked) and debate! lol. You are so smart, so talented, so loving and giving. I got your card in the mail yesterday, it made me's so beautiful! yet another talent! thank you, I will cherish it along with warm memories, especially of our fishing and hunting and mischievous days in Fort Chip, but also more recent visits and phone calls. Thank you for your friendship. May your spirit soar!
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Kathleen Freeman-Waller wrote on November 3, 2020
I remember that Bonnie felt JOY at the beauty of nature, & animals. Her sense of humour, artistic flair, trust, love, laugh, & smile. Righteous Anger about injustices of world events.
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