Bonnie Roberta Paridaen Memorial Service

Robertson-Wesley United church

This Service was LIVE on November 3rd, 2020

Memorial Slide Show

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Sheila Whitlock wrote on November 3, 2020
My heart felt condolances go out to her family . Bonnie was a true friend over the years I knew her. And she was from Montreal too! God,s Blessings.
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Kathleen Freeman-Waller wrote on November 3, 2020

What I remember about my dear old friend Bonnie: -- from age of 13 and on….
-The way she felt deeply about everything. Pure JOY at the pleasures and beauty of nature, animals and life in general.
-Her sense of HUMOUR!
Her artistic flair, steady and creative hand at embroidery on our hippy clothes.
-Anger and frustration about the crimes, wars, tragedies of loss, and injustice of world events.
-Nothing was half-hearted with Bonnie. SHE FELT IT ALL
-She could get me and other complete strangers to trust her emotionally and open up about our deepest secrets and fears. She had a way of making me feel heard, seen, validated, and not judged.
-Her laugh was glorious, and her smile lite up the room.
-In her much younger days, her high level of energy. I would struggle to keep up with her adventures and curiosity which sometimes landed us in hot water with adults, but it was all worth it.
-Riding our bikes up General Hill to McIvor Lake and diving straight into the cold water. I wanted to walk in slowly with care after riding in the hot sun. Bonnie would have none of that. She coaxed me into doing one fast dive in. She was right the experience was exhilarating.
-years later at West Edmonton Mall, she got her ears pierced AGAIN along with my myself and my two daughters even though she already had several piercings. She went first to be a strong example. Always the LEADER she was!
With love Kathleen
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Sandi Lovas wrote on November 2, 2020
Hey little one. You were more like a little sister to me when we were growing up. I know how strong you have been all of your life. Its been a fight for the past few years though. God Bless you Bonnie for teaching us all goodness and grace. We'll see each other again. Love Sandi
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Vivian Tootsie Tuccaro wrote on November 2, 2020
I was blessed that you were a big part of my life , so much beautiful memories that I will treasure forever. ❤️ I miss you so so much but we will see each other side as you said in one of the messages before you left me forever💔😭 LYLT ❤️
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