Dianne Adele Willisko

Feb 2, 1950 – July 31, 2021

This Service was LIVE at 3PM on October 16th, 2021

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Jeff Schacher wrote on October 17, 2021
Very nice service, great photos. A reminder for us all to take as many photos as possible, as the years go on.

I met Dianne through Cam. He and I worked in the restoration shop at the Ukrainian Village. Dianne hired me to build some office cabinets for their basement. As the years went on, she kept hiring me to build things for both the city home and the homestead.
She put a lot of time, energy and effort into the homestead, she had plans for it, once it got built up to a certain point.
I'm sad that both her and Cam never got to appreciate that certain point, and I'm reminded of the notion that we have to live life fully, each and every day, because tomorrow isn't promised.
But after watching her service on livestream, I know that Dianne herself never needed reminding. She just lived life fully. And touched a lot of people along the way.

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Linda Goyette wrote on October 16, 2021
Thank you, Darlene and Edmonton friends, for helping Dianne’s scattered friends across Canada join you today. It was a moving ceremony. I’m grateful to Cyndie for reading my tribute to Dianne, and to Rick for his beautiful words, and to Jack for the lovely Paradise Valley, and to every person in Dianne’s loving community. Oh, how we will miss her! Love to all. Xo
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Mari Veliz and Stew Slater wrote on October 16, 2021
Dianne built community. For nearly four years, Stew and I found ourselves in Edmonton. We were without our family and friends in Ontario. Darlene and Diane welcomed us into their lives. We enjoyed many “family” meals. There was loads of support through different moves and a new baby. Her “spark” will live on through all of us that she “built up”. Much love to Darlene and to Dianne’s family.
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Gordon Chase wrote on October 16, 2021
Dianne and I worked together for 25 years at the Glenrose. She was a driving force of lots of the cool things we did with the kids. Things like taking groups of kids to the mountains and staying in hostels. Lots of smaller outings around the city. We butted heads a few times and she was a hard headed woman. But I appreciate those headbutts more now. I think she figured I could handle it and I feel
they made me a better therapist and person.
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Lance and Geri Dittrich wrote on October 16, 2021
Thank you Dianne, for letting us play with you. It has been such a pleasure to share a neighborhood with you.
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