Flora Fuellas Hanson

July 26th, 1955 – December 18th, 2021

This Service was LIVE at 10AM (MST) on December 31st, 2021

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Syed wrote on December 31, 2021
Thank you so much for everything Tita Fe. For your so kind and generous. I missed a lot of good memories from you. And our planning to travel after this pandemic. But it's not gonna happen again. I really missed you Tita fe. I missed your food and our
good conversation and so many.
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Jearny Ductan wrote on December 31, 2021
Hi Flora,

It was a real pleasure getting to know you. You were a kind and loving woman and mother. Though life for you on earth has ended, your new life in heaven has begun. You have made a permanent impact on people's lives and it truly was a blessing.

Your son Eric has all the tools he needs to move on in this life. You taught him well and he is proud to be your son. Your legacy lives on through him.

~ Jearny Ductan
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Glenn wrote on December 31, 2021
For Tita Fe:
Until today I still remembered your question over the phone "Did you pray?" .I replied : Yes. You responded "Your prayers were answered. Come to the city now and prepares everything for your travel with me. My tears fell down because of mixed emotions. I worried a lot on my my journey but you give me much strengthen and support. You even give and allow to use your card and without hesitancy even the password. No one on this Earth can do that It's only YOU. You believe in my dreams, my convictions and my works. Thank you so much.

I've reached far. Soon I would opened my small library, children's interactive museum, accommodation for trainee because of convertible training center. You gave me so many ideas. You have full of wisdoms and you never stop sharing to me -from arts, current events particular mass media. Those act of humanity would be a wonderful gifts that I received from you. You been the reason why I have full of guts, courage and curiosity for this beautiful life. Straight from the heart that you so much for guiding my brother who was away from my home for almost 20 years. Your compassion and humility were my guide for my day to day living and my journey in life. Thank you for sharing your time and learning in life. I will keep you in my heart.
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Romy and Edith Gimpes Fuellas and family wrote on December 30, 2021
Sirach 38:23 WHEN THE DEAD IS AT REST, LET HER REMEMBRANCE REST TOO, AND BE COMFORTED FOR HER WHEN HER SPIRIT HAS DEPARTED! Ate Fe you are gone but you remain in our hearts forever. We usually had an annual family get together this time of the year hosted by your niece Allyn and her husband Roman but with this covid-19 pandemic our annual Christmas get together was temporarily discontinued. We never know when it's going to happen again but we patiently waited for life to go back to normal for all of us to socialize. Unexpectedly, you surprised us this time of the year, you bring us all together again virtually if not face to face to celebrate your precious awesome life. Your passing was really shocking to us especially my siblings and our family. Because we thought everything is fine with you. Ate Flora Gallanosa Fuellas it was thru your caring, unselfish, generous character that some of my siblings and l togethet with our family are having a decent life here in Canada. We are only your nieces to your first cousin but you never have a second thought to help us. Thank you for that. At the same time you never ask anything in return, you just want us to continue the chain of sponsoring by helping our other siblings or first cousins to the Gallanosa clan but we are not smart and brave enough like you do. Sorry, we failed you their. You also wants to bring peace to the clan. You tried your best to bring us all together united in love but again your effort did not materialize. God knows you did your best. In that regards, you deserve a special place in heaven. Rest in paradise now. We will surely miss you, so long.
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