Marie Theresa Tottrup

September 5th, 1938 ~ September 17, 2023

This Service was LIVE at 10 AM (MDT) on September 23, 2023

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From Kresten Tottrup’s famile (Aage’s Nephew and Nieces) from Southern Jutland, Danmark. wrote on September 26, 2023
We are incredibly happy to have had you Marie in our family, always smiling, positive, friendly and easy to talk to, thank you for your and Aage's visit to Southern Jutland, we are very grateful for that♥️
We are happy to have been with you on your last journey Marie, by following the transmission of the funeral online, thank you for this opportunity.
We will miss you Marie🌹♥️
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Jette Tøttrup, daughter of Maries husbands brother wrote on September 24, 2023
I found out she has died this very moment, and I am still a little shocked, though I knew she was very sick. We have been writing to one another since Marie went back to Canada. She was happy to be back and so happy to have found new and old friends. I never heard her complain about anything in life. She often told me that she would pray for me, when I made complaints about things in my life. I think she gave something very special to my family. Something we had not experienced before her becoming a part of the family. Love was the key word. She expressed her love and admiration to other people. Thank You so much Marie. You told me about childhood and youth in Canada. Thank You Marie for sharing with me.
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Jens, Bodil, Peter and Naja wrote on September 24, 2023
We are very grateful to have been able, though from a distance, to say our last farewell to dear, sweet Marie. She was a very kind, beautiful soul and we feel very fortunate to have had her as part of the Tøttrup family. We admired her spirit, courage and determination to make the best of what life had in store for her and Aage. We will miss her and her wonderful smile.
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Sys, Lykke, Hans, Anna Margrethe, Søren, Martin, Amalie, Maja, Thea, Sofia og Mette wrote on September 23, 2023
Loving, caring, perceptive and humorous.
We Will miss her all
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anna tøttrup wrote on September 23, 2023
marie var en fin, rar og sød person
alle i min familie holdt meget af hende
også af åge
anna, bjerringbro
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