Marilyn Ann Schipper

October 22, 1941 – November 17, 2021

This Service was LIVE at 1PM on December 4th, 2021

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Cheryl Nickurak wrote on December 4, 2021
Dear Kris, Terry Mike and families. I have so many beautiful memories of your Mom on Westview Crescent , church and beyond. So sad that she and your Dad left planet earth in such a short time and so young. It was not long ago that we had an update on life in a parking lot. Your mom Marilyn is/was a steadfast friend of our mom Gladys. They are all having daily coffee and their parties in upper management I am sure. Wishing continued strength, confidence and joyful memories for you all. Feel her squeeze! Cheryl
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May Wilding wrote on December 4, 2021
I have known Marilyn for 52 years and she has put up with this 'scouser' during all of those years! Marilyn was always the kindest, most non-judgemental loyal friend I have had the pleasure of ever meeting, always making me feel so welcome. I will always cherish my time with her, Richard, the family and their friends always and will keep smiling each time I think about you all and the times we have spent together. God bless my dear friend, thinking of you always. May xxx
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Omer & Pat Fraser wrote on November 27, 2021
We have lost a trusted servant !!!!
Mar-a-lyn my darling as Willy O’Farrell use to call her.
God Bless you as you rejoice in heaven with your loving husband Richard.
Our love and hugs to the Shipper Family ❤️
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Lori Nagy wrote on November 24, 2021
I am so sorry to hear of this loss for you all. Hugs are being sent to all of you. Lots of love ❤️
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Russell Vasseur wrote on November 24, 2021
When I was a boy, my mom was my school librarian. As you can imagine, she didn't let me get away with much. There was no such thing as a snow days when your mom was driving through the blizzard anyway. And even the most minor school "incidents" involving yours truly always made it to my mom's ears, usually in the staff room at lunch.

When I moved on to Junior High, I thought I was finally in the clear. No such luck, as I was now under the kind but watchful eye of my mom's good friend, Mrs. Schipper.

Just like mom, she didn't let me get away with anything. Just one example: it was 3 pm, near the end of June, and she followed me onto the bus to let me know that, no, she didn't believe my various idiotic stories and excuses about my long overdue book, and I had just better go find it as soon as I got home. There was just a glint of Clint Eastwood's Dirty Harry in her eye that day, so although she wasn't packing a 45 magnum, you can bet I did exactly what I was told, and the book was back on her shelves the very next day.

My ongoing respect for this woman demanded that I continued to call her "Mrs. Schipper" into my 50's - there was no "Marilyn" in my vocabulary, even though she had offered several times over the years.

It was only last July that my parents, Bob and Annette Vasseur, shared the sad news of the passing of her husband Richard, a great man who I and my father both admired. Now, far too soon for the rest of us, there is the added burden of going on without his equally great partner in life.

I am of course happy that she and Richard are now together, at peace. But I cannot deny my sadness for her family, and perhaps most selfishly, for my parents.

It may sound trivial compared to the many lifelong contributions and sacrifices that Mr. and Mrs. Schipper made, for their family, and for their community. But the friendship they shared with my mom and dad was... nothing short of epic.

The amazing annual world-wide vacations of the great eight - the Schippers, Vasseurs, Pughs and Pouriers.

The countless dinner parties to celebrate the birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries.

And of course, the love, support, strength, and laughter - that has been a beacon to me of how all of us should hope and pray to spend the rest of our days.

Based on the happiness provided to my mom and dad, I think the friendship within this special group was as close to perfection you will find this side of heaven, and has greatly inspired me on whom I choose to call my friends.

God speed Mrs. Schipper. Thank yo u so much for demanding more of me during my formative years, and for being such a very special friend for my mom and dad. I know the dinner parties will continue, which shall forever more include a toast to absent best friends.

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Michael, Jennifer & Finn Hachey wrote on November 23, 2021
Sending the biggest hug to all the Schipper family. Auntie Marilyn was the best aunt one could ask for. Always supportive and cheering me on in whatever path I choose in life. I have very fond memories of her trips to visit in Victoria and Vancouver. My favourite childhood memories include my trips to visit granny, papa and all of the extended Schipper clan. Auntie Marilyn made the visits so fun - always making me feel so special and loved. I learned a lot from her as a young person that I try and I still in my own life today. Her positivity, care and love for her family will be deeply missed.
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Sandy & Terry Smith and family wrote on November 22, 2021
Our sincerest condolences go out to the entire Schipper family! Marilyn was truly a beautiful lady - every time I met up with her she was always smiling, so positive and just a pleasure to chat with. She will be remembered and missed by all who knew her - we and our community have lost someone very special! Love and hugs to all.
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