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This Livestream was LIVE on May 21, 2021

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Dalip Nagassar wrote on May 26, 2021
Your mother triumph over numerous adversities she faced is a measure of her tremendous courage. What a role model for her children and grandchildren. We are full of joy for her numerous accomplishments throughout her life. Viewing her life storey was like looking at a Disney movie that captivated my attention the entire time. What a wonderful way to pay tribute to such a great mother. Hers was a storey of courage, a family love for one another and most of all a single mother ‘s unconditional love and devotion to her kids. Also, her example of personal strength, fulfilment if life, and especially her deep rooted devotion and belief in God was unquestionable. This was an outstanding tribute to Mary that I hope her grandchildren will appreciate what a wonderful grandma she was despite all the odds that were stacked against her. She proved again and again that one does not need riches and wealth to fulfill their life dreams when they have family love on their side.
May you rest In Peace in heaven Mary. You have earned it.
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Pam McLoughlin wrote on May 24, 2021
Worked with Mom and Dad at The the one with orange jersey over shoulders. Your mom was sure a country Rose always same .Enjoyed all wonderful pics of a Happy Family and times together i used to see on Fb .So glad she was able to go to be with your uncle.Yes we will meet again .our Blessed Hope Love to all Pam xx
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Mulangu Family wrote on May 24, 2021
May 24,2021
What a beautiful tribute to Mary! On occasions I have seen Mary she always have this unforgettable smile.She always positive and her presence is always so peaceful 💕We can see that family is very important to her and the memories that will last forever.Eventhough she is gone on this world we know that she is in the wonderful paradise.We can have that sense of comfort knowing she continues her now eternal life in the arms of our Father in heaven with no pains and no troubles.I was touch hearing of all the stories and memories of her love ones and I know her stories will continue through generations ❤Rest in peace, Mary you definitely had impacted so many.The love that you pour out in your time here on earth we sense a glimpse of God's unconditional love ❤!
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Helen Vitler wrote on May 22, 2021
I was reluctant to watch this because of the emotion of seeing Mary again and reopening the sadness of losing such a friend .of 24 years.

Mary has left so many footprints in my heart . And I have found myself often quoting her.

THANK YOU for making this beautiful video. So wonderfully and tastefully done!

I hate that Mary has left us so quickly , but I’m so so blessed that I had her as a part of my life ....thank you Jesus ! 💞
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Lindsey Mortimer (née Titterton) wrote on May 22, 2021
A wonderful tribute to Mary by her family. Sending love and condolences from South Africa, My thoughts and prayers are with you All RIP Mary
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Cindy Nagassar wrote on May 22, 2021
Kathleen, Warren, Wendy and Sally. High 5 to the composers of this excellent moving tribute! The grandkids' memories were very special. I loved every minute.
Your mama is very proud of you all. Applauding you all from heaven. Treasure your memories and each other. Blessings in the name of Jesus keep well!
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Kathy O'Reilly wrote on May 21, 2021
What a wonderful, moving tribute to this remarkable woman from her adoring family and friends. I watched your beautiful video with tears of joy mingled with sadness. So many magical memories of a wonderful life lived. What a special privilege to have known Mary briefly so many years ago back here in South Africa. Thanks for letting me share this special tribute to a remarkable soul who touched so many lives with her gentleness, kindness, courage and compassion - a perfect example of who we all wish we could be. Till we meet again. R.I.P dear Mary. Love always, Kathy (Brenda's cousin)
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Janet, James, Claire Strumpher and the Muller family. wrote on May 21, 2021
Kathleen, Warren, Sally and Wendy. What a beautiful tribute to an amazing woman. May you find comfort always in the knowledge your mom loved you all so very much and she was so proud of you all. You were her world and I know she is smiling down on you every day. May all her precious grandchildren carry their beloved Gran in their hearts always. Much love from all of us
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Marg Martens wrote on May 21, 2021
Kathleen, Warren, Wendy and Sally
What a wonderful tribute to your Mom
She is looking down from heaven saying what
great kids and grandchildren I have.
Thankyou for letting me watch this wonderful Celebration of Mary’s Life.
Love and Hugs to you all. I miss your Mom but I know she is in a much better place. RIP Mary!! Love you always. Marg Martens
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Dave, Laina, and Nathan wrote on May 21, 2021
Thank you. What a lovely celebration of life. It was wonderful to reflect on the beautiful life she created through her family and friends. We were lucky to know her and have her in our lives. Auntie Mary will be deeply missed and will always be remembered for her strength and love. Hugs and blessings to the entire family. We will definitely have a few cups of tea in her honour 🙂
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Kousil Nandee wrote on May 21, 2021
This was a beautiful , thoughtful and very fitting tribute to a remarkable and loving mother. May you Mary Reaper ,be blissful in the arms of your Heavenly Father.
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Benita Stuart wrote on May 21, 2021
Thank you for including us in this beautiful and heartfelt tribute to Mary. Hearing from friends, family, children and sweet grandchildren paints a picture of a life so well lived. A life filled with hard work, dedication to family, joy and faith. It is plain to see from photos and testimony, that she is a beloved member of your family and included in so many wonderful times and events. May her love and legacy live on in your lives and may you draw comfort from the Lord she loves.
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Heather McCracken wrote on May 21, 2021
Kathleen, Warren, Wendy and Sally-Joy. What an awesome memory this has been. Your mom, for me, was wise and always gave me sound advice. When I think of her legacy, it is the four of you and now your families and children. This tribute has made me miss her so much and the times that we spent together, although so long ago. What a blessing to have shared this time and heard your stories and seen all the pictures. Thank you for including us, here in South Africa. Love from Russell and myself, with Lauren and Malcolm xx
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Kevin McDonald wrote on May 21, 2021
To Kathleen, Warren, Wendy and Sally-Joy, what a wonderful celebration of a most amazing person, someone who I was lucky enough to call a friend, and someone I was fortunate to meet again in 2017. So many happy memories in the service, and from the times we shares together, so much of Mary lives on in you all.
Thank you so much for sharing and allowing us to be part of this very special service to your Mom
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Jody Sennett wrote on May 21, 2021
I sure appreciate the invite to share in all your special family memories, you sure captured so many incredible photos and stories. Amazing service and so grateful to have been part of it today, Mary you sure missed my friend... rest in peace. Love Jody (AMA)
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Lorraine Howell wrote on May 21, 2021
What a beautiful tribute to one of the most beautiful, sincere and loving people I have ever known! Mary has left us all with the sweetest memories, the best legacy we could hope for ... It's these precious moments with her that will make us stronger facing the challenges we might encounter ourselves. Sending tons and tons of love to her amazing kids, grandchildren and family.
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Ann and Colin Scarfe wrote on May 21, 2021
Thank you for sharing such a wonderful personal tribute to Mary. We laughed, we were teary and we loved all the personal contributions. To us, Mary was smiles galore. It was a wonderful way to celebrate her life. Hugs to all
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Brett & Trudy wrote on May 21, 2021
What a beautiful celebration for your mom. We were very fortunate to have spent time with Mary when she came to visit Kathleen and family in Regina. She was a wonderful lady. Sending love and hugs to all of you....
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Jane & Alan Lin wrote on May 21, 2021
Wendy, Sally Joy, Warren and Kathleen and to each of your families, Alan and I were so blessed to know Mary for all the years that she lived in Canada. She was always such a gracious lady and so full of faith. As you know well, she made life better for all that knew her. We know you will always miss her and we will too. Blessings today as you honour her life in this memorial service
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Kathy O'Reilly wrote on May 21, 2021
Mary will always remain etched in my memory as the beautiful, calm, kind, funny, bright, caring and amazing woman we all know her to be. Rest in Peace, Mary - you will never be forgotten.
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Jody Sennett wrote on May 18, 2021
Kathleen and family, sending thoughts and hugs, so sorry to hear of your loss. Mary was a wonderful lady, it was my pleasure working with her long ago and the connection to you was so appreciated. I know she was a hard dedicated employee, friend and mother... she sure loved all those grand kids too! Sincerely, Jody
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Gloria Robinson wrote on May 8, 2021
Mary was one if the strongest women I ever knew. We worked together and every morning we would have coffee and share a laugh or two. She had a great sense of humour. I miss her. I loved listening to her life story. She was a very wise person. Always saw the best in people.
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Suraj Dave wrote on May 8, 2021
Dearest Sally,
Although I didn't know Mary personally. I can say she was a very good mother in the daughter she has raised. My sincere sympathies and may the Lord Jesus give you peace.

Suraj, Charlotte, Daniella and Nicholas.
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