Michelle Bremner

June 17, 1976 – February 17, 2022

Katelynne Bremner

July 27, 2011 – February 17, 2022

This Service was LIVE at 1PM on March 11, 2022

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Sheri Wasyliw wrote on March 21, 2022
I am heartbroken to hear this news. Michelle was such a bright light. Her laughter was so contagious. I met Michelle working together and she made it so much more then working. I loved working with her. I am devastated to hear this news. Her daughter was so beautiful. They will both be missed dearly. My thoughts go out to their family. Michelle I will miss you ❤️
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Jocelyn Biggs wrote on March 11, 2022
My big seester and crazy niece meant the world to me. Not a day will go by that I won’t miss them and look at my phone hoping for just one more FaceTime call so I can hear michelles laugh again or see what kind of trouble katelynne was getting into. I will miss our late night talks when nobody else was awake and we would just talk about the most random things ever, shed even talk to my dogs. I miss them so much it hurts. But I couldn’t ask for a better guardian angels. I love you Michelle and I love you Kate-Lynne and I miss you so frickin much. Ok bye!
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Megan Davis wrote on March 11, 2022
These two beautiful ladies were a gift to their family and friends. Michelle’s laughter was infectious and she always welcomed people with open arms. Katelynne was beautiful from the day she was born. I held her when she was only a day old and was so blessed to get that chance.
Michelle always called me “.5”, as I was adopted into the family as her little sister best friend.
As much as I wish I was there today, I live streamed while at work, bawling my eyes out mind you.
Forever in our hearts, Michelle and Katelynne. Together forever.
Much love ❤️
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Erin Lloyd wrote on March 11, 2022
I’ve known Michelle since I was 7 years old she was much like a big sister, her laugh was something else and her take charge no fear attitude will be remembered fondly.her birthday was the day before mine,birthday cake and ice cream won’t be the same without her.”To live in the hearts we leave behind is never to die.” 💕
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Sandy Walker wrote on March 11, 2022
Katelynne, we miss you in our classroom! Please know that you are thought of everyday and will never be forgotten. Soar high as a Falcon!💕
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Sherrie Lyne Grekul wrote on March 11, 2022
I have great childhood memories with Michelle. Hanging with her inside McDonalds when it was closed was one of my faves.
My condolences to the family.
RIP beautiful ladies xoxoxoxo
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JG wrote on March 11, 2022
Sending love, prayers and hope to all that knew and loved you both. Was a really beautiful memorial!!! Forever grateful that you two won’t have to spend a moment without each other; True love in its finest form 💞
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Jasmina wrote on March 11, 2022
God has taken two beautiful souls home and I will miss you forever. Michelle, there are no words that will ever convey what an amazing friend you were. Biggest heart, biggest laugh, and such an adventurer at heart. From all the moves all the changes, you were always there for everyone. An amazing mom who gave everything she had to Katelynne. A child as vivacious as you were. Truly a mini you!
I will miss you both and know one day we will see eachother again. Hold Katelynne tight and know one day we will all be together again, partying at some beach watching the cowboys.
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Ryan Nouta wrote on March 11, 2022
My thoughts and love are with you all today as you celebrate the lives of two beautiful souls. There is always light even in the darkest days. Surrounding you with love and light. ❤️🙏❤️
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Jenna Bodin wrote on March 11, 2022
We will miss them dearly . Beautiful souls that will always be remembered in our hearts. ♥️
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Jenna Bodin wrote on March 11, 2022
We will miss them dearly . Beautiful souls that will always be remembered in our hearts. ♥️
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Dawne McFarlane wrote on March 11, 2022
My heart breaks for you all. So sad… there are 2 more angels watching over us all. XO
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Barbara Noble-Janes wrote on March 11, 2022
My Darling Granddaughter Katelynne & Momma Michelle, my heart breaks for our loss of you two young precious souls. You will be forever in our hearts & prayers. I will take comfort knowing you are still happily together in the arms of Jesus. With Eternal Love, Nana Janes ❤️😘🙏❤️😘🙏
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Marie Lagace (Bergevin) wrote on March 11, 2022
Michelle was my big sister. We shared the same father but we had different mothers. Even as kids Memere Bergevin would always call me Michelle because we look so much alike. We often shared similar personality traits. We were going to try and meet sometime this summer so I could meet little Katelynne. I will miss them both so much! I believed the Angels came down and flew them both safely up to heaven so they can have wings of their own. I love you both! Until we can meet again.
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Cindy McCracken wrote on March 11, 2022
Wishing the families peace to bring comfort, courage to face the days ahead and loving memories to forever hold in their hearts. Michelle and Katelynne impacted the world in so many beautiful ways. They will always be remembered with love and joy.
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Candace Jones wrote on March 11, 2022
I could tell that Michelle and Katelynne were amazing human beings from the moment they walked into my daycare room many years ago. Since that day it was such a privilege to watch Katelynne grow and learn as Michelle and I grew to be friends. My heart is saddened that they are not with us on this earth anymore, but joyful that they get to soar together in heaven as they soared together here on earth. I’m glad they got to live some of their dreams and weren’t afraid to chase what they wanted. These are 2 beautiful souls that will be forever missed and always loved ❤️
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Ang Marcinko wrote on March 11, 2022
Those we love don’t go away, they walk beside us everyday. Unseen, unheard but always near, still loved still missed and held so dear.

I will always think of you Katelynne when I find your favourite candy wrapper, or when we do arts and crafts or bake.
Michelle, even though your not here you will always be one of our sister wives 💙

Spread those wings ladies, love you both always
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Candace Perry wrote on March 11, 2022
To lose one is difficult. To lose two is is horrific. Neither of you are alone, you have each other. We have each other. I miss you two very much. You will live on in my heart and in my head. I love you both.
To family and friends, we grieve together. I’m sorry for this great loss.
Lots of love
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Brian Janes wrote on March 10, 2022
You will both be forever missed. So happy you both were able to spread so much love and happiness in your short time in this world. The sun won't be as bright from this point on... I Love You both.
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